P15420: Rochester Roots Lip Balm and Hand Salve Production

Meeting from September 3, 2014

Meeting Date: September 3, 2014


O. Aisiku

S. Bloechl

K. Costello

J. Dill

J. Lariviere

Main Takeaways

1. Updated Edge Site with Team Roles, Values and expections.

2. Added Customer Requirements, Interview questions and Interview Results to Problem Definition page

3. Reviewed schedule to ensure group was on track with deliverables.

Action Items

1. Create a calender with group's class schedule to determine best meeting times outside of class. Action: K. Costello 9/4/14

2. Update logbooks for class on Thursday. Action: Team 9/4/14

3. Watch Jan make the products. Action: Team 9/9/14