P15420: Rochester Roots Lip Balm and Hand Salve Production

Planning & Execution

Table of Contents

Team Roles

Project Manager: Ohimai Aisiku

Record Keeper: Stephanie Bloechl

Web Designer: Jessica Dill

Project Engineers: Kenneth Costello, Jeffery Lariviere

Team Values and Norms

Each team member is expected to:

Also refer to the Team Values and Norms page.

Project Plans & Schedules

MSD 1 Schedule

MSD 1 Schedule

Click here for more Project Plans and Schedules documents.

Risk Assessment

Final System Level Risk Assessment

Final System Level Risk Assessment

Meeting Minutes, Notes, & Actions

Meeting from September 3, 2014

Meeting from September 6, 2014

Meeting from September 10, 2014

Peer Reviews

Click here to see our Problem Definition peer reviews.

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