P15452: Universal Wired Data Recorder

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The purpose of this project is to design a universal data acquisition device (DAQ) to record the health of various components and systems in the mechanical engineering workshop. Currently the mechanical engineering workshop has no method of extracting data sampled at high frequencies wirelessly. This device will allow the extraction of data either wirelessly or by a storage card that will be kept on the device so that moving parts which cannot be mounted with wired DAQs can be monitored at high sampling frequencies. The end product should be a small device that can be mounted onto any moving part easily and withstand harsh environmental conditions. It will transmit data wirelessly so that the data can be extracted without taking the device out. The stakeholder most interested in this project is Dr. Kolodzig. He is a researcher in the mechanical engineering department who would like to use our device to extract data from his various sensors. Our device will allow him to collect data at sampling rates on various components which he is currently not able to. This will allow him to have a wider spread of data for mechanical health. By having more data on the conditions of some of the components he can implement preventative measures to allow the equipment to have a longer run time without errors and downtime. Our device must extract data at an accurate level compared to an already known accurate DAQ. The device must also be able to extract data at the required frequencies with accurate time stamps to ensure better data collection.

As we move on we have began the implementation of our plan. Our first objectives are to begin researching some of the components and exploring some of the technologies that we hope to use. We will then begin drafting drafts of the subsystem design in order to come to a finalized conclusion. This will allow use to begin our proof of concept which will eventually lead to a final detailed design. After our completed design we will begin to come up with test plans for our testing which will be completed after our design is built in MSD II.

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Project Goals and Key Deliverables

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