P15482: Breadfruit Shredder and Flour Mill

Build, Test, Document

Table of Contents

Shared Vision/ Work Break Down

MSD I Post Mortem was used to help get the team back on track with what we needed to accomplish for the end of the semester. MSD I Post Mortem

Here is our plan for each phase. This is the most up-to-date. See the file directory for past plans. MSD II Shared Vision

MSD II Project Plan

MSD II Work Breakdown Structure

This is the most up-to-date risk assessment. Keeping track of our risks throughout the semester helped minimize the number of problems we encountered. MSD II Risk Assessment

When we did encounter problems, we kept track of them in out Problem Tracking document. This helped us see where we were in the solution implementation and see how success we were at solving problems. Problem Tracking

Budget Tracking

Part Machining Tracking

Performance vs Requirements

Build, Test, and Integrate

List of parts needed to complete shredder assembly. Bill of Materials

Test Plans & Test Results

Final test plan, as well as performance vs specifications.

MSD II Test Plan

Assembly Instructions

Assembly Instructions

User or Operator Instructions/Manual

Service Instructions/Manual

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