P15482: Breadfruit Shredder and Flour Mill

Problem Definition

Table of Contents

This page shows the steps we took to define our problem. We started with our PRP and interviews to define our scope and create our list of Customer Requirements (CRs). From our CRs we create a list of Engineering Requirements (ERs) that can later be used to measure how successful the prototype is.

See the Problem Definition Documents directory for a list of files.

Project Summary

Read the 1 page summary of our project 1 Page Summary

Project Goals and Key Deliverables

The goals of this project are to create a low cost, low energy input breadfruit processor/process that will result in a consistent quality flour. The project deliverables will be a working prototype to shred and grind breadfruit effectively.

Customer Requirements (Needs)

The following are requirements requested from the KGPB farmers in Borgne, Haiti. Customer Requirements

Engineering Requirements (Metrics & Specifications)

System-level and function-level requirements that define the intended performance of our system. Engineering Requirements

House of Quality

Our House of Quality identifies which customer requirements dynamically interact with Engineering requirements and a weighted importance of each relationship. House of Quality

Solution Parking Lot

During our system design phase our team has come up with many ideas that we have researched and benchmarked and can be seen in greater detail in our benchmarking document. Benchmarking

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