P15482: Breadfruit Shredder and Flour Mill

Systems Design

Table of Contents

Functional Decomposition

Our team has broken down the main functions our product will have to perform.Functional Decomposition


Here are a list of brainstorming and research on basic system level concepts. Benchmarking

Concept Development

This includes three phases:

Concept Generation: Our team took a great deal of information from bench marking activities and used that to influence our concept designs. A morphological table was made breaking down the main functions of the product. The Morph Chart can be seen here Morph Chart

Example Crush Shredder.

Example Crush Shredder.

Concept Selection: After initial concepts were generated each team member was tasked with creating complete system designs that could be used in a Pugh Diagram. The Pugh Diagram was used to objectively compare and contrast each design in order to narrow down our selection. During the process our team created two new system designs that combined the best power generation, shredder, and grinder ideas. Pugh Diagram

Systems Architecture

What does your proposed system design look like? How will the user interact with it?


Risk Assessment

Throughout the system design process our team has identified key areas that are risks to our projects completion. Risk Assessment

Systems Design Review

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