P15483: Low Energy Food Dryer

Build, Test, Document

Table of Contents

Bread Fruit Drier's schedule and plan for MSD II:

For our post mortem, check here: MSDI Self Critique

From MSDI, our updated Risk Management can be found here: Risk Management Document

Build, Test, and Integrate

Find our Shared Vision here : SharedVision

The following link details our build progress: Build Progress

Final assembled Breadfruit Dryer:

Through our build and test phase, this is our finalized concept moving forward:

Test Plans & Test Results

Find our test plans here: Test Plan

View our test results here: Test Results

From our test results, our engineering requirements are compared with our performance:

Problems Identified

Our projects problems are tracked through this excel sheet: Problem Tracker

Our problem's can be visually seen here: Problem Photos & Recommendations

Assembly Instructions

Assembly Instructions

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