P15484: Solar Assisted Essential Oil Distiller

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Welcome to our Build, Test, Document page!

We will provide all the details about our Solar Powered Essential Oil Distiller from the second half of our Multidisciplinary Senior Design project here.

After our Gate Review in MSD I, we purchased parts and began to build our project. During the build process we tested several subsystems both individually and together while making constant improvements to our system along the way.

We presented our project and poster at Imagine RIT on May 2nd, 2015 in front of hundreds of people.

Finally, we have compiled a full technical report, project poster, and build, assembly, and operating instructions for this project.

Build, Test, and Integrate

Cardboard Prototype Lessons Learned and Test Results
Trough Prototype Testing in Haiti

Peter traveled to Borgne, Haiti from January 7th - January 18th 2015 with a team of students and professors from RIT

Outcomes of the Haiti Trip:

YouTube Link to Haiti Prototype Steam Generation Video

public/Photo%20Gallery/Haiti%20Camera%20313.JPG public/Photo%20Gallery/Haiti%20Camera%20311.JPG

Peter found out that the KGPB farmers in Haiti were excited about the concept of distilling oils from vetiver.

Besides testing the trough in Haiti, Peter was able to get a better understanding of the constraints involved with tools, skilled labor, and other resources.

This document details the precise steps taken to manufacture and assembly each component accompanied with pictures and minor problems discovered along the way.

Build Log and Problem Notes

This documents shows the major problems encountered that required brainstorming to identify the best solution.

Problem Tracking

This document contains the instructions necessary to manufacture each part and sub-assembly.

Build Instructions

Test Plans & Test Results

The following link to an excel file contains the records of all of the testing that was done. The first page contains the summary of all tests with links to the individual test procedures and outcomes.

Complete Test Book

The following document compares the initial Engineering Requirements from the beginning of the first phase of MSDI, and the final Engineering Requirements from the end of MSDII. It also shows how many of the engineering requirements were met, and how many fell short.

Performance vs. Requirements

Assembly Instructions

This document details the steps that it takes to assembly each sub-assembly and sub-system into the final operational distiller.

Assembly Instructions

User or Operator Instructions/Manual

This document instructs the user on how to operate the distiller to extract oils from vetiver.

Operating Instructions

Lessons Learned

Over the course of this project, our team has learned a lot of non-technical lessons along the way. These lessons have helped us become a better team and this project has given us the experience we need to be more successful in the future.

Lessons Learned

Photos and Videos

Below is a link to a document which links to several YouTube videos of the tracker and trough in operation. It also links to our Google Drive folder which has all of our photos and videos from the build and test phase.

Photos and Videos

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Build, Test, Document

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