P15484: Solar Assisted Essential Oil Distiller
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Solar Trough Preliminary analysis references - Directory contents

A Linear Parabolic Trough Solar Collector Performance Model.pdf display
A prototype parabolic trough solar concentrators for steam production.pdf display
CSP Parabolic Trough Technology for Brazil.pdf display
Concentrating Solar Trough Modeling Calculating Efficiency.pdf display
Design and development of an educational solar tracking parabolic trough collector system.pdf display
Design, Fabrication and Experimental Testing of Solar Parabolic.pdf display
Dynamic performance evaluation of (specific comercial brand) towards a new benchmark in parabolic trough qualification.pdf display
Experimental and Theoretical Study of a Parabolic Trough Solar Collector.pdf display
Manual making of a parabolic solar collector.pdf display
Optimized Bands A New Design Concept for concentraiting solar parabolic mirrors.pdf display
Other sources.pdf display
Parabolic Trough Collector Overview.pdf display
Parabolic Trough Receiver Thermal Performance.pdf display
Parabolic Trough Technology.pdf display
Parabolic troughs design for increasing efficiency.pdf display
Study of the utilization of fluid from a condensate pot for essential oil extraction.pdf display
Technical and economic performance of parabolic trough in Jordan.pdf display
Techno-economic assessment of a steam generation parabolic trough for hospital.pdf display
Thermal and optical study of parabolic trough collectors.pdf display