P15484: Solar Assisted Essential Oil Distiller


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Essential oils have been identified as an opportunistic agricultural commodity that can be produced and exported by farmers in Borgne, Haiti for a profit due to their high monetary value, ease of shipping, long shelf life, and Haiti’s suitable climate. These essential oils are traditionally produced using a distillation process that require costly fuels. Due to the current poor economic state in Haiti and high energy cost of traditional distillers, a solar-assisted, low-energy oil distiller would potentially help to produce a profit without heavily relying on nonrenewable resources.

The goal of this project is to create a working home-scale prototype of this Essential Oil Distiller that serves as proof of concept demonstrating the economic feasibility of a large scale distiller. The end product should be essential oils extracted and ready for sale and transportation.

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Project Name
Solar Assisted Essential Oil Distiller
Project Number
Project Family
Energy and Sustainable Systems
Start Term
2141 (Fall 2014)
End Term
2145 (Spring 2015)
Faculty Guide
Sarah Brownell, sabeie@rit.edu , 585-330-6434
Primary Customer
Sarah Brownell, sabeie@rit.edu , 585-330-6434
Sponsor (financial support)
Chris Fisher

Team Members

Left to Right: Ben, Nate, John, Bruno, Peter

Left to Right: Ben, Nate, John, Bruno, Peter

Member Major Role Assigned Sub-System Contact
Peter Coutts Mechanical Engineer Note Taker Solar Tracker pjc1574@rit.edu
Nathan Johnson Mechanical Engineer Budget Keeper, Solid Modeling, Risk Mitigation Plant Matter Container, Drip Feed naj1375@rit.edu
Bruno Moraes Quintava Mechanical Engineer Theoretical Analysis Solar Trough bxm9211@rit.edu
Johnathon Wheaton Industrial Systems Engineer Project Leader, Scheduler, Solid Modeling Gas Burner, PV Backup jfw2637@rit.edu
Benjamin Wolfe Mechanical Engineer EDGE Expert, Build and Test Lead Condenser, Collector/Separator baw5405@rit.edu


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