P15484: Solar Assisted Essential Oil Distiller

Nathan Johnson

Table of Contents



Who Am I?


My name is Nathan Johnson and I'm a 5th year Mechanical Engineer.

I have a background in:

-System design


-3D modeling

-Project management.

Main Roles In This Project

-Modeling Lead

-Risk Assessment/Mitigation

-Budget Tracker

Subsystem Ownership

-Flow Control (Drip Feed)

-Plant Matter Container and Interfacing.

My Subsystem


Engineering Requirements

Boiling Chamber ER's


Drip Feed, Containment Vessel Lab Report


Plant Matter Container Drawings

Plant Matter Container Table Drawings


Boiling Chamber Assembly Instructions

Drip Feed Assembly Instructions


Boiling Chamber Risks


Flow Rate Test

Containment Vessel Test

3D Models and Drawings

public/Detailed%20Design%20Documents/images%20for%20edge/Model%20Images/7.PNGpublic/Detailed%20Design%20Documents/images%20for%20edge/Model%20Images/8.PNG public/Detailed%20Design%20Documents/images%20for%20edge/Model%20Images/9.PNG public/Detailed%20Design%20Documents/images%20for%20edge/Model%20Images/10.PNG public/Detailed%20Design%20Documents/images%20for%20edge/Model%20Images/5.PNG

Above you can see images of all the 3D models I have worked on so far for this project. They include my own subsystems as well as all of the solar tracking systems which are involved in the process.

Part Drawings

Box Trough



Plant Matter Container Drawings

Above you can see detailed part drawings of the systems I have modeled.

Assembly Drawings

Box Trough Exploded View

Wheel Exploded View

Gearing Exploded View

Above you can see exploded view/assembly drawings of the systems I have modeled.

Budget Tracking


McMaster-Carr Purchase Parts

Above is a PDF version of our teams personal Bill Of Materials and Budget Tracking Spreadsheet. The spreadsheet is conditionally formatted to highlight parts that we can potentially get for free, as well as once a part is purchased, it automatically subtracts the cost from our remaining budget. It updates automatically from conditional formatting, drop down lists, and if statements. At the bottom of the sheet estimated cost and remaining budget are both shown.

We've also decided to separate out parts by vendor. The majority of our purchases will be in store pick ups, but we do have some parts that are purchased online and need to go through a formal RIT purchasing process which requires parts to be separated by vendor. The "McMaster" link shows how these will be formatted, and contains all of the parts which will be purchased from McMaster-Carr.

Risk Mitigation


Above is a PDF version of our current working Risk Assessment/Mitigation Document. This document highlights rows green if a mitigation plan has been implemented which decreases either the severity or likelihood of the risk. The summed importance of our risks before and after mitigation are shown at the bottom of the sheet.