P15484: Solar Assisted Essential Oil Distiller

Planning & Execution

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Team Roles

Member Major Role Assigned Sub-System Contact
Peter Coutts Mechanical Engineer Note Taker, Action Items Solar Tracker pjc1574@rit.edu
Nathan Johnson Mechanical Engineer Budget Keeper, Solid Modeling Plant Matter Container, Drip Feed, Separator naj1375@rit.edu
Bruno Moraes Quintava Mechanical Engineer Theoretical Analysis Solar Trough (later transferred to Johnathon Wheaton) bxm9211@rit.edu
Johnathon Wheaton Industrial & Systems Engineer Project Leader, Scheduler, Solid Modeling Gas Burner, PV Backup jfw2637@rit.edu
Benjamin Wolfe Mechanical Engineer EDGE Expert, Build and Test Lead Condenser, Collector/Separator baw5405@rit.edu


Team Operations and Code of Ethics

Meeting structure

The team met every Tuesday and Thursday during the 3 hour MSD class period and 1-2 hours before as needed. Sarah Brownell, the team guide and customer, met with the once each week to monitor progress. All team members were present at every meeting in order to provide input for all issues.

Our team attributes much of its success to the planning and follow-up of meetings. A meeting plan is sent one day before each meeting and meeting minutes with action items are posted within one day following the meeting. The meeting plans and minutes can be found in the Correspondence folder.

A task log was used in the later half of the project to track progress on the large number of tasks each team member had.

Team Code of Ethics

The team agreed upon a code of ethics at the beginning of MSD I that outlines the expectations of the team and each member. Topics include: Behavior & Task Expectations, Distribution of Work, Roles & Responsibilities, Communication, and Decision Making. Adherence to the code of ethics proved invaluable to

Peer Reviews

Peer Reviews were conducted after each three week segment of MSD and are found in the Private EDGE folder which is only accessible to those with permission.

The peer review format chosen by this team is a plus/delta review method. In the plus/delta method, each team member is expected to write at least one positive thing that every member has done and at least one thing that every member could change to be better. Each team member is also expected to evaluate themselves in the same manner. This method was found to be the most open ended way to provide constructive criticism for each member.

Detailed MSD I Plan

Problem Definition: Weeks 1-3


System Design: Weeks 4-6


Sub-System Design: Weeks 7-9


Detailed Design & Component Selection: Weeks 10-12


Complete Design: Weeks 13-15


Detailed MSD II Plan

MSD II Overview Plan


Weeks 1-5


Weeks 6-8


Weeks 9-11


Weeks 12-15


Risk Assessment

There are many project management risks associated with our project. To see our most updated list, click the link below.

Project Management Risks

Project Reviews

See Project Review page for breakdown of presentations, pre-read materials, and review notes for each segment of MSD.

Revision Control

Once the content of a document is completed, one owner is assigned to the document to oversee it's revision, formatting, and presentation. This will require communication between all team members when a change is implemented.


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