P15484: Solar Assisted Essential Oil Distiller

Project Review

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Segment I - Problem Definition (Weeks 1-3)

Problem Definition Presentation

Problem Definition Presentation Pre-Read Materials

Segment II - System Design (Weeks 4-6)

Systems Design Presentation

Systems Design Presentation Pre-Read Material

Segment III - Subsystems Design (Weeks 7-9)


Pre-Read Materials

Review Notes

Segment IV - Detailed Design I (Weeks 10-12)

Presented from EDGE

Detatiled Design Presentation Pre-Read Material

Review Notes

Segment V - Detailed Design II (Weeks 13-15)

Presented from EDGE

Detatiled Design II Presentation Pre-Read Material

Detatiled Design II Presentation Review Notes

Segment VI - Final Detailed Design III (Week 16)

Presented from EDGE

Final Detatiled Design Presentation Pre-Read Material

Final Detatiled Design Presentation Review Notes

Gate Review

MSD I Gate Review Notes


All segments in MSD II involved informal presentations, conversations, video and real life evidence of functioning subsystems with Sarah Brownell.

Segment I - Subsystem Level Prep (Weeks 1-2)

General cleanup of unfinished items from MSD I. Began making the build plan for the rest of MSD II.

Segment I Meeting Minutes

Segment II - Subsystem Level Build & Test (Weeks 3-5)

Our first 'demo' of our system so far. We set up everything we had built so far for Sarah Brownell to see.

Segment II Meeting Minutes

Segment III - Subsystem and Systems Level Build, Test, & Integrate (Weeks 6-8)

Demo 2 of our system to Sarah Brownell. We reviewed our remaining build tasks and problems we were working to overcome during the build process. We showed Sarah our improved condenser with coil spacers and the tracker upgraded designs and got them approved for purchasing.

Segment III Meeting Minutes

Segment IV - Systems Level Build, Test, & Integrate (Weeks 9-11)

Demo 3 of our system with Sarah Brownell and the Dean of the Kate Gleason College of Engineering, Dr. Harvey Palmer. We displayed our entire system so far, which included almost all of our build. Reviewed our oil separation testing with Sarah, and showed her the improved tracker.

Segment IV Meeting Minutes

Segment V - Verification and Validation (Weeks 12-15)

Public presentation to Sarah Brownell and all invited guests. Brief overview of our entire system and the results from testing. Concluded with next steps and what we learned.

Final Presentation

Following the Segment V presentation we have our final Gate Review on May 15th at 10am.

Final Gate Review

Final Gate Review Notes

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