P15503: Electrophotographic Cascade Development Apparatus

Build, Test, Document

Table of Contents

Our Final Product

public/Photo Gallery/CAD Model.PNG
public/Photo Gallery/ECDA.PNG

Testing and Validation

While the dimensions of some of our parts were not critical, several of our parts had to be machined to very tight tolerances. Parts of the development zone (top plate, charged plates, insulated plate, and the transfer surface cutout) required special attention since these parts had to slide together. In order to ensure that these parts were machined properly, the spreadsheet below was created.

Machined Part Dimension Validation

Click the link below to view our test plans and test results.

MSD II Test Plans

Click the links below to see written and pictorial documentation of our machining and assembly process.

Assembly Procedures

Complete Drawing Package


Click the link below to view videos of the old device, the new device, and the fully integrated new system in action.

Videos of the old and new devices in action!

For the User

The documents below are provided here for the end user's reference.

ECDA Assembly Instructions

ECDA Operating Instructions

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