P15503: Electrophotographic Cascade Development Apparatus

Detailed Design

Table of Contents

Week 9 Subsystem Design Reports

Click the links below to view our reports from Week 9. These reports present our work from the Subsystem Design phase, including feasibility analyses, benchmarking research, design concepts, design decision making processes, preliminary drawings, risk assessments, preliminary bills of material, and budget considerations.

Angle Adjustment Subsystem Report

Development Zone Subsystem Report

Hopper Subsystem Report

Materials Report

Recirculation Subsystem Report

Summary of Team Plusses and Deltas for Phase III

Prototyping, Engineering Analysis, Simulation

We have developed several spreadsheets relating to our feasibility analyses that can be used as handy calculators.

The Fluid Model Calculator computes the flow rate and time it would take for a fluid to exit our hopper, based on hopper height and cross-sectional area.

The Hopper COG Calculator computes the location of the center of gravity for our hopper based on its dimensions and the volume of particles inside.

The Paschen Breakdown Calculator uses Paschen's Law to compute the voltage needed to create an arc flash at a given distance between two charged plates.

The Receptacle Size and Screw RPM Calculator computes two parameters relevant to the design of our recirculation system: the size of the receptacle required for the manual recirculation concept to be feasible, and the RPM required for the screw conveyor concept to be feasible.

Fluid Model Calculator

Hopper COG Calculator

Paschen Breakdown Calculator

Receptacle Size and Screw RPM Calculator

Receptacle Size and Screw RPM Calculator 2.0

Drawings, Pictures and Animations

Click the link below to view SolidWorks drawings of the different components of our design.

Complete Drawing Package

Electrical Summary

Click the link below to see a detailed report regarding our electrical systems.

Electrical Summary

Bill of Material (BOM)

Click the link below to download our Bill of Materials.

Bill of Materials

Flow Process

Click the link below to view a diagram showing the processes that constitute an electrophotographic test and the ways in which our design improves upon the old device.

Flow Process Diagram

Requirement Flow Down

In the Detailed Design phase, it is essential to keep the original Customer Requirements (CRs) and Engineering Requirements (ERs) in mind. To that end, we created a document that details the relationships between the components of our subsystems and the high-level CRs and ERs. Click the link below to view this document.

Requirement Flow Down Diagram

Test Plans

Click the link below to view our MSD I preliminary test plan.

Test Plans

Risk Assessment

Click the link below to view the risk assessments we developed during MSD II and the latter part of MSD I. (Risk assessments created prior to the Subsystem Design phase of MSD I can be found on the Systems Design page.

Updated Risk Assessments

Week 12 Detailed Design Review

Week 15 Detailed Design Review

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