P15503: Electrophotographic Cascade Development Apparatus

Problem Definition

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Project Summary

Project Background:

Researchers in RIT’s PRISM lab would like to add to the set of materials available in today’s 3D printers. The purpose of this project is to develop a device that will test the electrostatic transfer properties of different types of granular materials and evaluate their suitability for use in a 3D printing device. This type of testing apparatus is called an Electrophotographic Cascade Development Apparatus (ECDA).

Problem Statement:

The customer would like to see a design that allows for a highly automated testing procedure. The ECDA must be capable of controlling particle flow rate, keeping particles contained within the apparatus, and utilizing a voltage differential to draw charged particles to a charged plate. It must also allow for easy viewing of test results and easy cleaning.

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Project Goals and Key Deliverables

1. An ECDA that is reliable over the long term and over many uses

2. Design, Drawings, Bill of Materials

3. Documented test results

4. ImagineRIT Presentation

5. Final Edge Website

6. Technical Paper

Customer Requirements (Needs)

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Customer Requirements

Engineering Requirements (Metrics & Specifications)

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Engineering Requirements

The House of Quality is a tool we used to summarize our Customer Requirements, Engineering Requirements, Metrics, Specifications, and other vital components of the Problem Definition process.

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House of Quality


1. Must cost less than $2,500

2. Must be smaller than 2.75' x 2.25' x 2.75'

Problem Definition Design Review

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