P15503: Electrophotographic Cascade Development Apparatus

Systems Design

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This page details the system-level concepts we selected as well as the process and reasoning we used to make our decisions.

Functional Decomposition

The Functional Decomposition is a tool we used to break the system down into several subsystems and subsequently break these subsystems down into specific functions. By doing this, we were able to create a comprehensive list of functions for which we could brainstorm potential solutions.

Click the link below to download our Functional Decomposition.

Functional Decomposition


In order to take full advantage of solutions that already exist, we researched methods for controlling the flow of granular particles. Click the link below for a summary of our findings.

Phase II Benchmarking

Concept Development

This includes three phases:

Below is the Morphological Chart we created to help us determine which concepts were more viable.

public/Photo Gallery/Morph Chart.JPG

Click the link below to view more of our Concept Selection process.

Concept Generation - Brainstorming and Morphological Chart

Click the link below to see the Pugh matrices we created during the Concept Improvement phase.

Concept Improvement - Selection Criteria and Pugh Matrices

Below are the concepts we selected at the end of the Systems Design phase.

For more information about our selected concepts, click the link below.

Concept Selection - System Level Components and Why We Chose Them

Systems Architecture

The Systems Architecture is a tool we used to visually demonstrate how our proposed design will look and how our subsystems will interact with one another. Click the links below to see the block diagrams and renderings we have developed.

System Architecture Block Diagrams

System Architecture Drawings and Renderings


In order to determine if several of our concepts were feasible, we performed several engineering analyses. Click the link below to see our process and results.

Feasibility Questions, Information, and Analyses

Test Plans

In order to ensure that we have met all of our engineering requirements at the end of MSD, we needed to devise a plan for testing our device and comparing the results to the metrics we have set. Click the link below to see a summary of our test plan.

Test Plans

Risk Assessment

In an attempt to anticipate and properly react to potential issues that we will encounter throughout the course of MSD, we have prepared and will continue to add to the following Risk Assessment:

public/Photo Gallery/SLDR Risks.JPG

Click the link below to download our Risk Assessment.

Risk Assessment

Phase II References

Click the link below to see a list of the sources we referenced for our work during the Systems Design phase.

Phase II References

System Level Design Review

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