P15542: X-Y Camera Rig


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The X-Y Camera Rig is used to image the large works of art in a museum's collection that are permanently installed in galleries and cannot be captured in a single shot. The rig is mounted perpendicular to the work of art and takes multiple pictures that are then stitched together to form a single image. The current X-Y camera rig, that was developed by the 2013-2014 Senior Design Team, makes stitching these images difficult due to the unstable frame when fully extended and lack of a reliable leveling mechanism. The current design also lacks safety features regarding the operator, the rig, and the surrounding artwork.

The goals of this project are to create a system that has a calibration routine that will ensure that during the real-time operation the camera will move smoothly to each position. Operational safety features need to be added, as well as improvements to camera stability. Limiting factors to this modification may result from trying to reduce both weight and overall size by having to reduce potential safety features and ensuring camera stability throughout the rig configuration.

Directory Structure

Current XY Camera Rig

Current XY Camera Rig

Example artwork to be photographed

Example artwork to be photographed

Project Name
XY Camera Rig Improvement
Project Number
Project Family
Printing and Imaging Systems Track
Start Term
2141 (Fall 2014)
End Term
2145 (Spring 2015)
Faculty Guide
Susan Farnand, farnand@cis.rit.edu
Primary Customer
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Sponsor (financial support)
Metropolitan Museum of Art

Team Members

Team 15542

Team 15542

Member Role Contact
Tia-Marie Damman ME tkd5702@rit.edu
Fabrice Bazile EE feb8630@rit.edu
Eli Clampett CE ewc3304@rit.edu
Ben Maher ME bpm9720@rit.edu
Hyeon Jung EE hxj6444@rit.edu
Sara Bjork Project Manager scb2456@rit.edu

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