P15550: Customized Personal Protection Headwear


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The main goal of this project is to develop customizable protective equipment for headgear that has the ability to be manufactured in Dr. Cormier's 3D printing laboratory. This protective equipment will have many applications, particularly in sports for athletes, to help protect against the growing problem of concussions.

The project will be broken down in to different objectives in order to optimize the quality solution to this problem. The first objective is to develop a work flow that scans an athlete's head. This scan will provide some CAD model parameters, with which we will use as the geometry to design the protective device. The second objective is to design, prototype and test different energy absorbing cushion material ideas to optimize the protective headwear and determine which structures are most effective. The third objective is to develop test rigs to test the prototyped headgear through simple drop tests in order to determine the effectiveness of the technology.

We are experimenting with two different materials, ninjaflex and filaflex, and have printed 4 samples of each with different densities. We have met with a bunch of SME's to get input on the testing plan, CAD modeling, compression tests, and information on building the test rig. We have the sense scanner working so we can capture scans of the football helmet and different test subjects heads to determine the size of the padding to be printed. We are working on solidworks manipulations of these scanned data files. We have started performing virtual testing in Ansys to determine which sample densities will be able to withstand the most amount of impact force. We are challenging our initial test rig design with some new ideas involving a simpler design and build. We have run some initial tests of the ability of our printed samples to see what kind of compression forces they can withstand compared to the baseline sample.

All deliverables and assignments for MSD 1 have been completed. Prior to beginning MSD 2; we will have finalized the test rig design, the padding design layout in the helmet and the design of attachments for the padding to the helmet will be completed. We plan to have the official test plan completed within the first two weeks of MSD 2. Additionally, any virtual drop test analysis that still remains will be completed within the first couple weeks of MSD 2. For the remainder of the semester, we will finalize the process from 3D scanning a person's head to sending the parameters to the printer. We will complete all of our testing to have a design finalized on the shape, density, and infill pattern of the foam. We will have all the foam printed for one helmet and will test it against the baseline helmet and foam using our drop test rig that will also be built during this time.

The assembly of the test rig has been completed. The carriage and the cables have been attached to the structure. We have completed the 3D model of our entire padding insert for the helmet. It is composed of several sections that will get printed on the MakerBot Replicator 2X printer. The helmet to hand scan merging is also complete.

After the completion of testing, we have concluded that our 3D printed padding produces very similar energy absorption to the manufacturer’s padding. Our average impact severity was 0.6 units, or 0.7%, higher than the competitor’s. However, considering our limited budget and timeframe, it has been a successful project.

The Project Readiness Package (PRP) can be found here: Project Readiness Package.

Our one page project summary is provided here: Project Summary.

Our project poster can be seen here: MSD Poster.

Project Name
Customized Personal Protection Headwear
Project Number
Project Family
Printing and Imaging Track
Start Term
Fall 2014
End Term
Spring 2015
Faculty Guide
John Kaemmerlen, jxkpdm@rit.edu
Primary Customer
Denis Cormier, drceie@rit.edu
Denis Cormier, drceie@rit.edu

Team Members

public/group photo

public/group photo

Member Role Contact
Chris Casella Biomedical Engineer (Project Leader) cmc8019@rit.edu
Scott Quenville Mechanical Engineer smq5115@rit.edu
Tiffany Gundler Biomedical Engineer trg7720@rit.edu
Nathan Marshall Mechanical Engineer nmm2796@rit.edu
Kayla Wheeler Biomedical Engineer kmw7556@rit.edu
Christian Blank Mechanical Engineer cab8639@rit.edu


We would like to thank the following people for their help throughout our Senior Project:
Dr. Cormier for his time, support, and investment in the project
John Kaemmerlen for his guidance and mentorship throughout the process
John Bonzo for use of the Brinkman Lab facilities
Joe Abraham for a tour of the Materials Testing Lab and use of their facilities
Rachel Silvestrini for her industrial experimental design expertise and help with our test plans
Chris Pietrzak and brg sports for his help with test rig design concepts and ideas
Mike Buffalin for help with the 3d printers
Dr. Borkholder for allowing us to use his accelerometer technology for our drop test rig

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Peer Assessment

Functional Decomposition

Concept Development

Systems Architecture

Feasibility Analysis

Systems Design Review

Expert Advice

Detailed Design

Complete Design

Preliminary Outcomes

Test & Assembly Plans

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Self Critique

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Subsystem Level Build, Test & Documentation System Level Build, Test & Documentation Verification & Validation Publications & Presentation Photo Gallery

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