P15590: Low Cost Fundus Camera

Planning & Execution

Table of Contents

Intellectual Property Considerations

The design and prototype may generate significant IP potential, with several companies already investigating this type of technology due to the market potential.

Team Roles

Member Team Role
Kyle Burden Project Manager
Daniel Sui Lead Engineer
Kevin Labourdette Lead Engineer
Ian Morency Communications
Thomas Casero Facilitator
Quang Huynh Web Specialist

Team Values and Norms

Project Plans & Schedules

System Design

Subsystem Design

public/Photo Gallery/SubsysProjPlan.png

Risk Assessment

Meeting Minutes, Notes, & Actions

The discussion topics along with action points resulting from the team meetings will be recorded and posted on edge.

Peer Reviews

A peer review is done by all members every three weeks. The template can be found here.

Project Review

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