P15590: Low Cost Fundus Camera

Systems Design

Table of Contents

Functional Decomposition

Functional Decomposition

Functional Decomposition


Benchmarking Canon CR2 Zeiss Visucam Forus 3nethra Classic Horus Scope DRS Topcon TRC-50DX
Field of View 45 deg 45 & 30 deg 40-45 deg 40, 45 deg 20, 35, 50 deg
Resolution 18 MP 5 MP 3MP 1920 x 1080p 5 MP 6MP-12MP
Power Consumption 100 VA 400 VA AC 100-250 V 100-120 V
Physical Dimensions 12"x19.7"x18.6" 16.14"x18.90"x25.59" 13.4"x19.6"x24.4" 6"x3.5"x6" 23"x22"x13" 340x505x506-715 mm
Weight 33 lbs 66.1 lbs 40 lbs 12 oz 42 lbs 35 kg
Cost $16,500 ~$25,000+ ~$8,500 ~$30,000
FDA Approved Yes Yes Yes Yes
Pupil Size 4mm, 3.3mm SP
Comments Folds into small case Very portable and handheld Fully automated 'Gold Standard'
Link Cannon Zeiss ForusHealth JEDMED Cenervue

Concept Development

Morphological Table

public/Photo Gallery/MorphTable.png

Concept Generation

Concept 1

public/Photo Gallery/Concept1.png

Concept 2

public/Photo Gallery/Concept2.png

Concept 3

public/Photo Gallery/Concept3.png

Concept 4

public/Photo Gallery/Concept4.png

Concept 5

public/Photo Gallery/Concept5.png

Concept 6

public/Photo Gallery/Concept6.png

Concept 7

public/Photo Gallery/Concept7.png

Concept Selection

Selection Criteria

Pugh Table

public/Photo Gallery/Pugh1.png
public/Photo Gallery/Pugh2.png
public/Photo Gallery/Pugh3.png

Systems Architecture - Final Design

public/Photo Gallery/FinalConcept.png


Material of Lens




Takeaway: Most likely go with glass lenses due to high optical quality and less expensive than plastic or polycarbonate. If portability becomes a major factor then we could switch to plastic lenses to make the device lighter.

System Power

public/Photo Gallery/Power.png


public/Photo Gallery/Budget.png


public/Photo Gallery/Lighting.png

Data Transfer

public/Photo Gallery/Datatransfer.png


public/Photo Gallery/idevice3.png

Risk Assessment

Systems Design Review

The Systems Design Review PowerPoint can be viewed here.

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