P15611: Microfluidics Packaging

Build, Test, Document

Table of Contents

Project Plan

The following outlines the team plan for the next phase, including the expected weeks of completion.
public/Photo Gallery/Plan2.jpg

Test Plan

A test plan was constructed in order to aid in the success of this project by ensuring that the engineering requirements are met. See our test plan below.
public/Photo Gallery/TestPlan.jpg

Click here to view the full test plan template.

Problem Tracking

In order to help mitigate potential problems that may arise during the build and test phase of this project, the 6-step problem solving technique will be used. This will help us keep track of problems that may come up as we assemble and test our prototype.

public/Photo Gallery/ProblemTracking.jpeg

Failure Recuperation

Original 5lb latch is too strong for the assembly. Solution: latch is exchanged for 2lb latch.

Thermoelectric plate cracked during installation. Solution: New plate was purchased and installed; Enclosure tolerances were adjusted for better fit.

Enclosure is too big for microscope to properly focus. Solution: Enclosure is redesigned to fit the focus parameters.

Power supply fails. Solution: Considering replacing the power supply or using a battery source.

Assembly Instructions

The build document for the DMF enclosure can be seen here.

User or Operator Instructions/Manual

An operations manual has been included as a part of this project. It can be viewed here.

Fluid Delivery Demonstration

Click on the images below to view the process for fluid delivery:

public/Photo Gallery/mloader.gif public/Photo Gallery/drawfluid.gif public/Photo Gallery/deliverdrop.gif

Updated Drawing Package

The updated drawing package for the project can be seen here.

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