P15611: Microfluidics Packaging

Detailed Design

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Detailed Design

A major portion of the detailed design analysis regards the evaporation of the droplet and the cooling required to control the evaporation rate. Any cooling of wet air may also cause condensation relating back to the cooling required to now prevent evaporation and condensation. The "chiller" chosen to preform the cooling of the enclosure is a thermoelectric module which requires a heat sink to dissipate the heat created during the cooling process.

This stage of the design process also heavily involved the creation of CAD models and detailed drawings. The enclosure is mostly made up of 3D printed components, which makes the design more affordable and adaptable to any desired changes.

Prototyping, Engineering Analysis, Simulation

Engineering Analysis Flowchart

Evaporation Analysis

A major goal of this project is to minimize the evaporation of a droplet by providing a controlled environment. The rate of evaporation of a droplet this size, with no moving fluid over it, is mainly driven by diffusion of water vapor through the surface of the droplet. After much discussion with the customer, the desired specification for the evaporation of the droplet became the ability to double the time it takes for the droplet contact radius to reduce by 5%.

Click here to see the evaporation analysis summary and references.

Cooling Analysis

Lumped Capacitance Model

Model Results

Drawings, Schematics, Flow Charts, Simulations

CAD Renderings

Exploded View

The assembly drawing for the DMF enclousure can be seen here.

Arduino Schematic

Bill of Material (BOM)

The Bill of Materials is a working document (Excel spreadsheet) that will be continuously updated throughout the duration of this project. The current Bill of Materials has been updated as of 11/18/14.

Test Plans

Specific testing procedures will be formulated during the first two weeks of MSD II. A template for the test plan document has been completed and will be expanded on during this period. The following are the metrics that will need to be tested and the testing equipment that will be needed for each test:

Design Reviews

Week 12-Detailed Design Review

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