P15611: Microfluidics Packaging

Planning & Execution

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Team Roles

Member Role Contact
Ilmar Begishev Supply Chain Management ixb6715@rit.edu
Clair Cunningham Co-Lead Engineer cmc4177@rit.edu
Angel Rosario Ortiz Co-Lead Engineer axr6957@rit.edu
Alex Ryan Project Manager acr9695@rit.edu
Brody Smith Design Engineer bas4579@rit.edu

Project Plans & Schedules

MSD I & II: work breakdown structure, Gantt charts, schedule, etc. Does each team member know what he should be working on at any given time in order to move the project forward?
Project Plan

Project Plan

Risk Assessment

Created in MSD I and updated throughout the project as needed. What could possibly go wrong? As the project progresses, are you actively managing these risks and (hopefully) driving them to low likelihood and/or low severity?
Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

Meeting Minutes, Notes, & Actions

MSD I & II. Maintain a record of team/guide meetings. This includes discussion, action items, decisions made, and work assigned.

Meeting Minutes 10/16/2014

Meeting Minutes 10/21/2014

Meeting Minutes 10/23/2014

Meeting Minutes 10/28/2014

Meeting Minutes 10/30/2014

Meeting Minutes 11/06/2014

Meeting Minutes 11/11/2014

Meeting Minutes 11/13/2014

Meeting Minutes 11/15/2014

Problem Definition Review Afterthoughts

Well prepared presentation, lack of practice presenting which contributed to the following:

Corrective Actions:

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