P15611: Microfluidics Packaging

Problem Definition

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This project applies the emerging field of Diagnostic Microfluidics (DMF) to create an automated and resource efficient Lab-On-A-Chip (LOAC) screening device, with the intent of testing using ELISA protocols. In this project, the DMF devices operate through the means of Electro-wetting on Dielectric (EWOD), where electrodes on a chip are activated and deactivated to manipulate droplets. The application of these technologies allows for ease of access to this type of medical testing.

The specific goal of this project is to develop an enclosure that can deliver fluid and provide a controlled environment for testing protocols. It seeks to design a delivery system such that the desired volume of each reagent can be delivered to the chip on demand without removing the upper substrate. The system must allow for cleaning of the electrodes after using certain reagents to avoid the next test from being affected.

Project Goals and Key Deliverables

Microchip Environmental Enclosure

Fluid Delivery Systems to Microchip

Reliable Systems

Design Documentation

Design Poster

Customer Requirements (Needs)

Customer Requirements
Category Customer Reqmt. No. Objective Description Importance
Fluid Delivery System 1.1 Deliver Fluid (Sample, Reagent, Cleaning Solution) to one port 9
1.2 Predictable Fluid Delivery 3
Environmental Control 2.1 Maintain Droplet (Controlled Environment) 9
2.2 Stable Environment 3
2.3 Monitoring Environment 9
Full Enclosure 3.1 Small Chip Holder 9
3.2 Lightweight 1
3.3 Durable 1
3.4 Low Cost 3
3.5 Small Environmental Enclosure 3
3.6 Electrical Safety 9
3.7 Visibility w/ Camera 9
3.8 Ease of Chip Removal 3
3.9 Microscope Compatibility 3

Cust. Rqmt. #: enables cross-referencing (traceability) with engineering requirements.

Importance: Sample Scale (9=must have, 3=nice to have, 1=preference only), or see Ulrich exhibit 4-8.

Description: organize as primary and secondary requirements (hierachy) - Ulrich exhibit 4.8

Comment/Status: allows tracking of questions, proposed changes, etc; indicate if you are meeting the requirement ("met") or not ("not met")

Engineering Requirements (Metrics & Specifications)

Engineering Requirements
Requirement # Requirement Engr. Specs (Metrics) Unit of Measure
S1 Create Droplet 0.52+/-%5 Micro Liters
S2 Maximum Droplet Delay 30 Seconds
S3 Multiple Reagent Ports 3 Count
S4 Controlled Humidity Range 30-95% RH Percentage
S5 Humidity Display Accuracy +/- 5% Relative Humidity
S6 Maximum Chip Holder Size 1 in^3
S7 Environmental System Size 2-4 ft^3
S8 Maximum Weight 50 lbs
S9 Function After 3ft Drop Yes -
S10 Maximum Cost $2,000 Dollars
S11 Temperature Display Accuracy +/-1 Deg. Farenheit
S12 Test Set Up <10 Minutes

House of Quality


Constraint Number Description
C1 Cost- Budget set at $2000
C2 Fluid Delivery Compatible with Device
C3 Maximum weight to be 50 lbs
C4 Compatible with AxioScope A1 Microscope
C5 Compatible with Fluorescence

Solution Parking Lot

Active Climate Control

Passive Climate Control

Problem Definition Review

The powerpoint presentation for our week 3 Problem Definition Review can be seen here.

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