P15660: Friction Tester - Armature

Build, Test, Document

Table of Contents

Build, Test, and Integrate

Iterative activities to validate functionality and performance at the sub-system and system level.

Test Plans & Test Results

Final test plan, as well as performance vs specifications.
Test # Test Status
T20 Arm Secure Testing Incomplete
T21 Force Weight Test Plan Incomplete
T22 Mass Testing Incomplete
T23 Mount Test Plan Incomplete
T24 Normal Force Testing Incomplete
T25 Pin Adjustment Testing Incomplete
T26 Pin Holder Secure Testing Incomplete
T27 Sensor testing without rod Incomplete
T28 Sensor testing with rod Incomplete
T29 Sensor testing with arm Incomplete
T30 X-Axis Base Test Plan Incomplete
T31 X-Axis Test Plan Incomplete
T32 Y-Axis Testing Incomplete
T33 Z-Axis Testing Incomplete

Assembly Instructions

Assembly Process Sheets

User or Operator Instructions/Manual

This will be completed by April 3, 2015

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