P15662: Friction Tester Integration


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Dr. Iglesias is a faculty member in Mechanical Engineering, whose research focuses on wear and friction of materials, metallic and polymer matrix composites, nanostructured materials, and the use of ionic liquids and liquid crystals as lubricants or additive of lubricants. Her current research plan is to utilize her experience in tribology and ionic liquids to develop new lubricants and surface treatments or coatings to improve the wear resistance of gearboxes and bearings of both land-based and off-shore wind turbines. To aid her current research plan, Dr. Iglesias desires a reciprocating sliding contact friction test rig that will be used to test various metals at various loads, sliding frequencies and stroke under dry and lubricated (with oil and grease) conditions. The basic geometry of the contact is ball-on-plate, but other geometries can be accommodated by using a range of simple clamping fixtures such as pin-on-plate and cylinder-on-plate. A linear displacement between the ball and plate specimen, perpendicular to the contact, is induced by a sliding sample table while the the normal force which is applied through a single point of contact in vertical with the ball. This normal force is to be kept constant during testing while the friction force is continuously measured and stored. Plenty of off-the-shelf friction testers exist with this configuration however the cost are way out of budget due to an excess of features which aren’t desired. A similar friction tester exists in Dr. Iglesias’s lab, however this test rig, rotates the specimen.

Reciprocating Friction Tester - Current State (without cover)

Reciprocating Friction Tester - Current State (without cover)

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Friction Tester Combined Team
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Gary Werth, gdwddm@rit.edu
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Dr. Iglesias Victoria, pxieme@rit.edu
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Dr. Iglesias Victoria, pxieme@rit.edu
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Team Members

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Full Team

MSD1 Team Member Discipline Role Contact
Base P15661 Tyler Nigolian Electrical Engineering Data Acquisition System trn7636@rit.edu
Base P15661 Sean Cummings Mechanical Engineering Lead LabVIEW Engineer swc7425@rit.edu
Base P15661 Alexandra Woodward Industrial Engineering Co-Project Manager afw6744@rit.edu
Armature P15660 Chris Karamanos Industrial Engineering Co-Project Manager cbk3584@rit.edu
Armature P15660 Reba Conway Mechanical Engineering Note Taker: Solid Modeling and GD&T rac3569@rit.edu
Base P15661 Matthew Lebowitz Electrical Engineering Electrical Components mal5801@rit.edu
Base P15661 Ethan Hanson Mechanical Engineering Lead Subsystem Design Engineer ejh7624@rit.edu
Armature P15660 Eric Kutil Mechanical Engineering Solid Modeling and Machining epk4433@rit.edu
Armature P15660 Kolby Irving Electrical Engineering Gate Keeper: Lab-View Specialist kei1983@rit.edu
Armature P15660 Emeka Okoye Electrical Engineering Supply Manager: Electrical Hardware Specialist nco2991@rit.edu

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