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Build, Test, Document

Table of Contents

Your website should document your journey through MSD, so include work-in-progress as well as latest results. Use pdf's for display whenever possible so that information is easily viewable without the need to download files and open applications. (Your EDGE file repository should still contain original editable files).

Sample categories are listed below, but feel free to delete, change, or add nodes and files to better correspond to your project and your Guide’s expectations.

Build, Test, and Integrate

Machining Checklist

Machining Checklist

Test Plans & Test Results

Final test plan, as well as performance vs specifications.

Test Plan

The purpose of the test plan is to confirm our design. Each sheet in the spreadsheet represents a test that will challenge the respective engineering requirement. Once these fundamental tests are run and passed, they may be expanded on to test further functionality.

Test Plan

Test Results

Assembly Instructions

Assembly Procedure

User or Operator Instructions/Manual

Include as required for your project.

Service Instructions/Manual

Include as required for your project.

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