P15671: Expansion Joint Health Monitoring Data Acquisition

Meeting Minutes

This page will serve as a repository of previous meeting minutes to track status of current issues, achievements of the week and topics of concern. As well at the bottom of the page will be a list of outstanding topics for Garlock.

Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes from Demo at Garlock (2/19/15)-

Meeting Minutes (2/24/15) -
-Prototype officially declared complete
-Revision 2 planning in process, specific parts selected and ordering process started
-James and Yousif working on live data monitoring this week with prototype
-Matt determining power consumption of prototype/selecting battery for Revision 2
-Mechanical Engineers are selecting materials and drawing up designs for Revision 2
-Poster ideas being drawn up
-Email sent out with full outline of Revision 2 plans

The first few weeks of March consisted of waiting on parts to arrive for Revision 2. The week before Spring Break (March 16-20) the Mechanical Engineers completed the housing of the Revision 2 models. During this time the electrical engineers began trouble shooting the newest LCD screen and wireless shield for the Arduino board.

March 23-27:
-Mechanical Engineers completed housing
-Electrical Engineers completed the internal wiring for the small datalogger
-Continual code writing and trouble shooting of the LCD screen
-Ideas for Imagine RIT test rigs were thrown around
-Orders for Expansion Joints placed with Garlock

March 30-April 3rd:
-Deadlines for each model set. Smaller datalogger to be done by 4/6/15. Larger model to be completed a week later
-Mechanical Engineers completed CAD model of test rig for Imagine RIT. Purchasing for the test rig to be completed soon.
-Poster and paper continue to be worked on. Google Doc created so each member can have input for the paper.
-Internals for small datalogger wired up and completed
-Code for small datalogger being written this weekend
-Continual code writing for LCD Screen and Wireless capability to be completed by James.

Outstanding Garlock Topics

-Banner or related items for Imagine RIT? Something to hang up with the Garlock Logo at our demo spot.

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