P15671: Expansion Joint Health Monitoring Data Acquisition

Planning & Execution

Table of Contents

Team Roles

-The group leader and EDGE coordinator is Matthew Sutton along with being an Electrical Engineer.
-Jesse Follman and Nick D'Ermilio are the mechanical engineers and are in charge of designing and creating a robust housing for the data acquisition package along with mounting the package itself to the expansion joint.
-James Jewis and Yousif Al-ali are also Electrical Engineers and will be in charge of powering the package along with programming it to make it function. As well they will be in charge of allowing wireless connectivity of the package.
-Various other duties such as purchasing will be handled by the team as the needs arise.

Project Plans & Schedules

The updated plan for this senior design project is to produce a working prototype of our DAQ by the conclusion of MSDI. A working prototype will entail 3 functioning sensors monitoring pressure, temperature and displacement. As well, there will be an LCD display with real time values to monitor and LED indication lights to warn of any threshold limits being exceeded.

Following completion of a working prototype, MSDII will be devoted to refinement of the prototype to include additional features. Below is the outline for this new plan.

Risk Assessment

A list of top concerns has been generated throughout the project and the latest list of concerns and related importance can be seen below.
public/Photo Gallery/RiskList.JPG

As Senior Design progresses and the details of the project become more evident and concrete, this list will be updated accordingly. It is expected that this list will change many times throughout the project.

Meeting Minutes, Notes, & Actions

At the current point of the project, the final prototype is complete. All necessary sensors are functioning and the data samples are being recorded. At this point the next revision of the project has begun and the prototype will be improved upon. See the "Meeting Minutes" tab to look at further meeting minutes.

See the Build, Test, Document tab to look at pictures of the prototype in its current state.

Project Reviews

The first review that has been completed was the Problem Definition Review. For this review a presentation was created and presented. The presentation for this phase of the project can be found at the link below.

Problem Definition Review

The next review was the Subsystem Design Review. This was used to determine the components that will be used for each part of the project to satisfy customer needs. This review can be seen below at the following link.

Systems Design Review

The final review of MSDI was the Detailed Design Review which laid out each individual part of the project to satisfy customer needs. At the end of the Detailed Design Review the goal was to have a firm understanding of what was to be delivered to the customer. This review can be found below.

Detailed Design Review

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