P15671: Expansion Joint Health Monitoring Data Acquisition

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Imagine RIT

The group will be presenting our data-logging device at Imagine RIT. The plan is to have separate stations where each individual function of the data-logger can be tested by a user. For example, the current idea is that there will be a station with a sealed expansion joint that will have a pump connected to it. The user will then increase the pressure inside the joint by using the pump. As the pressure rises the user will then be able to see the pressure value increase on the datalogger. Along with the pressure being able to be tested, displacement and temperature will be tested as well. For temperature, an expansion joint with a heat lamp will be created to allow the user to alter the temperature that the joint experiences. Finally, for displacement a more complicated rig will be created by the mechanical engineers. This rig will allow any user to jump up and down on the joint, causing it to compress and decompress. This resulting displacement value will then be transmitted to a screen for the user to see. The rig that will be created to do this is shown below in the following images.

public/Photo Gallery/ImagineRig1.PNG public/Photo Gallery/ImagineRig2.PNG
The main idea for demonstrating at Imagine RIT is to have a computer connected wirelessly to the arduino board inside our datalogger. This will transmit any relevant data to the computer and the monitor will display it to any users during the demo.


A poster will need to be created for Imagine RIT that showcases what our project was all about. It will contain an explanation of what expansion joints are, why collecting data about them is important, basic ideas behind our datalogger and photos of our finished product. It will be located near our demo location during Imagine RIT to help people understand what the project consists of. At this point a rough outline of the poster has been created and it shown below. public/Photo Gallery/Poster.PNG


Along with the poster, a technical paper needs to be written for the project. It will outline the concepts behind our project and any necessary info for an outside person to read the paper and have a full understanding of the project. Currently the paper is in a very rough outline format and will continuously be worked on in the coming weeks.

The paper in its current state can be found at this link: Technical Paper

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