P15680: Oil and Bag Process Automation

Detailed Design

Table of Contents

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Bill of Material (BOM)

Purchased Parts and Indentured BOM - 5/11/2015

Updated Purchased Parts BOM - 25 Feb 15

Requirements Flowdown: ERs, Risk, and Function

public/Detailed Design Documents/Requirements Flowdown Rev 5.jpg

Prototyping, Engineering Analysis, Simulation

Controls/Electronics Subsystem [MSD II Electronics Simplification]

Electronic Switching Logic

Air Timer Relay Circuit

Air Timer Relay Circuit

Oil Solenoid Circuit

Oil Solenoid Circuit

Pump Timing Circuit

Pump Timing Circuit

Complete Wiring Diagram

Complete Wiring Diagram

Secure/Detach Subsystem

public/Detailed Design Documents/TestSetupTest1.jpg public/Detailed Design Documents/Seal Test 1.jpg public/Detailed Design Documents/BrassAttachmentTest1.jpg public/Detailed Design Documents/CFM Nozzle Test 1.jpg

Draining Subsystem

public/Detailed Design Documents/Drain Oil Design Rev 3.jpg

Injection Subsystem

System and Subsystem Drawings and Pictures

Full Assembly

public/Detailed Design Documents/Final Assembly.JPG

Base Plate Assembly

public/Detailed Design Documents/Assembly Photos/Baseplate Assembly.jpg

Containment Assembly

public/Detailed Design Documents/Assembly Photos/Containment_assembly.jpg

Drain Assembly

Design Phase Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned from System Design Phase

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