P15680: Oil and Bag Process Automation

Planning & Execution

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Current revisions of working documents can be found in the Project Management directory.

Team Roles

Member Role Contact
Alex Offredi ME, Controls and Automation Engineer email
Ericka Larssen ISE, Project Manager email
Mischa Dombovy-Johnson ME, Design Engineer email
Keshav Francis ME, Lead Engineer email
Daniel Consolazio ME, Assembly Engineer email

Project Plans, Agenda, and Risk Management

Week 2 Gant Chart

Week 5 Gant Chart

Week 5 Update

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Week 2 Agenda

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Problem Tracking

Live Problem Tracking

Customer Interaction and Meeting Notes

Customer Interview Questions

Questions asked during the MSD team's various interviews with the customer:

1. How many operators are currently involved in the oil and bag process on a daily basis?

2. What is the average length of a shift for an operator?

3. What is the diversity in age/length of employment at AAT for the current operators? (Old vs. New)

4. What sort of training are new employees required to do?

5. Do the employees receive any ergonomic/safety training?

6. What are the average heights and statures of the current operators? (Can Include Hand size)

7. What kind of PPE is available for the operators to wear? Is PPE required for the process? If not required do operators wear PPE by choice?

8. Are there any operators that we can contact to learn more about their personal experiences?

9. What is the environment around the oil and bag process? Is it conducted in an appropriate workstation?

10. How often does the system run per day? Cycles and hours.

11. Could you explain the entire process step by step, including prepared for operation and clean up?

12. Are the nozzles placed in a fixture for the process? If so, how are they constrained?

13. What are the different components of the system? Their materials?

14. Are the individual components replaced? If so, how often?

15. Are there currently any concerns about the current oil containment system in place?

16. At which stages(s) throughout the process are the operators most at risk to come into contact with the oil?

17. What are your main concerns for the oil and bag process? Any personal experience?

30 Min Conference Call with Jim Kalinksi, Carl Waterman, and Chris (Operator) [8/28/14]

AAT, LLC Plant Visit [9/2/14]

Operator Information: Elaine

Existing Nozzle Oil and Bagging Process

1. Place one row of parts onto mat on top machine surface (approx 14-16 nozzles).

2. Find specific coupler to attach CFM nozzle to fixture.

3. Attach coupler to first nozzle.

4. Place nozzle in machine.

5. Tighten pressure relief valve.

6. Set pressure and duration on machine.

7. Run machine a few times until proper pressure is reached (150 PSI for CFM56).

8. Machine runs for 5 seconds for CFM56.

9. Green light turns on when machine is on.

10. When green light shuts off, part ready for removal and operator opens the hood door.

11. The relief valve is loosened to let some pressure bleed out before removing the nozzle from fixture.

12. Nozzle is removed and set on work bench to dry.

13. Parts wait on work bench until the operator completes all parts in that row

14. Operator finds and attaches specific CFM plugs/caps to the nozzle.

15. Operator places nozzle into plastic bag.

16. Operator twists bag shut and tucks the excess bag under the nozzle and places it on a rack.

17. Nozzles are delivered to AAT shipping department.

Current Tester Machine

Safety Coordinator: Doug Daeffler

Action Items for Customer, Jim Kalinski


AAT, LLC Plant Visit [9/22/14]

Attendees: Alex, Mischa, Ericka
AAT Correspondent: Carl Waterman

MSD I & II. Maintain a record of team/guide meetings. This includes discussion, action items, decisions made, and work assigned.

Conference Call with Jim Kalinski [10/13/14]

Intellectual Property Considerations

Peer Reviews

Team Values and Norms

Team Values and Norms 9/5/2014

Team Values and Norms 9/5/2014

Refer to Team Values and Norms page for more information.

Project Reviews

All preparation, notes and actions items can be found on the team's Project Review page.

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