P15680: Oil and Bag Process Automation

Systems Design

Table of Contents

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System Design Procedure


Possible Conveyor Usage for Automation and/or Draining

Containment Unit

Timing of Solenoid Valves

Oil Pump

Concept Development and Feasibility

This includes three phases:

Proposed System feasibility is analyzed through engineering analysis and prototyping of the various subsystems.
These analyses can be found on the Systems Design and Detailed Design pages of this EDGE project server.

Concept Generation (Morph Table)

A morphological table was created using a team effort to brainstorm all of the ways we could secure, inject, detach, drain, cap, and bag for the process.
The ideas ranged from manual to automation including robotics, and five overall concepts were created from functions selected.
The five concepts' functions were selected using the following criteria:

Concept Selection (Pugh Charts)

Function and Concept Selection Pugh Charts

Five concepts were generated and rated against each other using a Pugh Chart scenario to determine which concept had the best overall score. From there, the team will be conducting a feasibility analysis on the selected concept in the next few weeks, during the design phase of MSD I.

Systems Architecture

Link for System Arch, Revision 2

Functional Decomposition

public/Systems Level Design Documents/FuncDecomp, rev3.png

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