P15681: Test Chamber Calibration Fluid Exhaust System

Planning & Execution

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Project Management

Documents related to project management can be accessed here:
Project Management

Team Roles

Zach Huston
Project Manager, Managerial Documentation Specialist
Robert Moshier
Hayden Cummings
Customer POC
Andrew Heuser
Scribe, Technical Documentation Specialist, Primary Edge Support
Timothy Nichols
Adam Farnung

Team Values and Norms

All of our team members are preparing to be professional engineers. All team members will conduct themselves in a manner reflecting that fact and expect to be treated as professionals by all team members as well.
It is expected that each team member will be present at any team functions wherever possible, and that they will arrive in a timely manner. An unexcused tardiness shows a lack of respect for fellow team members and a lack of the time management skills necessary to be a valuable member of the team. In the event of an unavoidable tardiness, our team members will be sure to alert everyone else on the team that they will be late.
Every member of the team will complete their tasks to their best ability with diligence and thoroughness. All members are aware that they can receive help from all other members without feeling inept or embarrassed.
Every member will complete their tasks in the most accurate manner possible, being sure to document all processes so their work can be tracked and checked.
Professional and Ethical
All team members will treat their peers with respect and conduct themselves in a professional manner. Every member will give credit for others' work as appropriate.
Each team member will contribute an equal share to the success of the project.

Issues between members of the team will be handled in an adult and professional manner. Problems that cannot be solved within the individual members can be escalated to the project manager.

Repercussions for failing to conduct ourselves within these guidelines may include the revocation of responsibilities of the team member.

Team Norms: Peer Assessment Rubric

Peer assessments will be completed every three weeks. The rubric below indicates how each team member will assess their peers. These 'Norms' reflect how each team member expects their peers to meet the team 'Values'. The entries in the table below represent a starting point, or example, typical of what other design teams have successfully employed in the past.

Peer Assessment Rubric

Project Plans & Schedules

Risk Assessment

When we started we came up with a few a couple of risks,
Risk Assessment from preliminary Problem Definition phase

Risk Assessment from preliminary Problem Definition phase

but as we were working on the projects we came up with more and more of them until we had 29 risks for MSD I. Fortunately, we were able to address many of the risks through testing, analysis, or careful designing until we were left with only the seven risks pictured below for MSD I.
Risk Assessment from the tail-end of the Detailed Design Phase

Risk Assessment from the tail-end of the Detailed Design Phase

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