P15681: Test Chamber Calibration Fluid Exhaust System

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Work Procedure

In order to make sure that anyone who needs to use our chamber can, we wrote a detailed work procedure that includes annotated pictures to make it as easy to follow as possible.

Work Procedure

Final Technical Paper

Our final paper is a comprehensive description of our entire project. Our abstract is as follows:

The fuel injection nozzle testing chamber is used to calibrate the spray angles and flow rates of fuel injection nozzles used in aircraft. The chamber provides an air-tight, safe environment to perform the testing. This system incorporates the nozzle-block off for flow testing with and the measurement system for angle testing into one location. This consolidation of processes reduces the cycle time of the test and reduces the time and number of occurrences of the calibration fluid being exposed to the air.

Final Paper


Above is our team's poster for Imagine RIT

Above is our team's poster for Imagine RIT


Imagine RIT Video

Our team did a Gage R&R at Advanced Atomization Technologies. When we were doing the testing we were allowed to take a video which we were allowed to show at Imagine RIT. The video shows a full flow test from start to finish, with annotations to help explain the process.



This presentation is a summary of everything we have done, starting with what the old chamber was and going through each change that we made in our design and how it affected the final product.

Final Presentation

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