P15681: Test Chamber Calibration Fluid Exhaust System

Systems Design

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Functional Decomposition


Concept Development

All of our concept development has led to the selection of this concept for our design:
Concept Selection

Concept Selection

As you can see in the picture, we have the chamber with a portion of it at the top separated by a trap door. This separated portion is an airlock, so that the operator never has to come into contact with the fluid or mist. In addition, the vacuum purge will be much quicker since it only needs to evacuate the smaller airlock. The main part of the chamber has a grate floor for liquid draining and it also has a set of gloves installed in the side so that the operator can work within the chamber with no risk. Finally, this design is set up so that both the flow test and the angle test can be accomplished from the same position at the top of the chamber, reducing the number of times that the chamber needs to be opened.

Systems Architecture



Feasibility Analysis

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

Systems Design Review

System Design Review

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