P15711: Cheesecake Depanning Improvement

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Baseline Information for Comparison

Since winter break, the Wegmans cheesecake recipe has been changed. The following link includes the spreadsheet with data taken from various types of cheesecakes created with this new recipe. This data will be useful to establish a baseline to determine if the team's solution is worth being integrated into the Wegmans bakery. This spreadsheet will continue to be updated as the team is able to gather data on all of the cheesecake varieties.

New Cheesecake Recipe Data

Project Plan

State of Project as of Week 6:

•Current Date: Week 6 (March 3rd)

•Project Hand-off Date: Week 14 (May 7th)

•The team has 9 Weeks remaining

Short-term Plan:

• Decide what direction(s) to go in

• Set a defined end goal for end of MSDII

• Develop a schedule to follow to guide us toward acheiveing our end goal

Options Going Forward

Option A: Water Bath Option B: Cost Intensive Option C: Metal Insert
1. Run larger scale experiment

2. Gather data that can be used for comparison to current process

3. Examine possible ergonomic effects

4. Make changes and improvements to the design

5. Develop an implementation plan to be used by Wegmans

6. Train employees on new process

1. Brainstorm a list of possible solutions

2. Use Pugh evaluation to determine which ideas are viable

3. Design, order materials and build

4. Run experiments to test the builds

5. Make changes and improvements to the design

6. Develop an implementation plan to be used by Wegmans

1. Identify the root causes of the problems that occurred during testing

2. Find solutions to those problems

3. Test to make sure problems have been eliminated

4. Run large metal insert experiment

5. Develop a plan to integrate inserts to current process

Problem Tracking and Risk Assessment

Problem Tracking

Problem Tracking

Problem Solving Process

Problem Solving Process

Updated Risk Assessment

Updated Risk Assessment

Test Plan

Engineering Requirements with Test Included

Engineering Requirements with Test Included

Tests for Engineering Requirements

Tests for Engineering Requirements

Individual Tests and Results

Tests that are not Cost Intensive

Pizza Oven Manipulation Test

Procedure Observations Conclusions
Pizza Oven Manipulation Procedures - Thermocouples were borrowed from campus and affixed to the pizza oven

- The temperature on the oven was set to 600 F and planned to decrease form there

- Based on thermocouple and oven thermometer readings, the oven never reached over 300F

- Cheesecakes were run through and the depanning was timed – the cheesecake temperatures were tested

- Because of the missing coils, the temperature could not increase above 300F and was often less than that

- The cheesecakes did not show any decrease in depanning time as they could not get any warmer than normal

Insert Test

Procedure Observations Conclusions
Insert Test Procedure - Stainless Steel Inserts created using RIT machine shop

- Inserts meshed well with cheesecake crumb and spinner head

- Grease formed under insert instead of laying on top

Grease Pooled Underneath Insert

Grease Pooled Underneath Insert

- Crust stuck to inserts and therefore could not be easily removed

Inserts Stuck to Crust

Inserts Stuck to Crust

Water Bath Test

Procedure Observations Conclusions
Water Bath Test Procedure - Tested idea using buckets filled with warm water, placing pans in water at times increasing by 10 seconds

- Difficult to get quantitative data about depanning times during initial testing

- Testing occurred separately from regular line; cheesecakes were not being depanned at that time

- Operators were helpful in giving their thoughts/opinions during initial testing

- If this is pursued, the water bath would be an option to replace the pizza oven

- Best times & temperatures seemed to be 30-40 seconds and 100F based on number of bangs and operators reactions

Meeting Notes

MSDII First Review Summary: Presented to our project champion, Jose Guzman, our faculty guide, John Kaemmerlen and other members of the Wegmans cheesecake team at the Wegmans bakery facility.

MSDII Build, Test, Document Review: Presented to our project champion, Jose Guzman, our faculty guide, John Kaemmerlen and other members of the Wegmans cheesecake team at the Wegmans bakery facility.

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