P15711: Cheesecake Depanning Improvement

Integrating Testing

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Integrating Testing is what the team plans to do based on all of the completed preliminary testing.

More Involved Testing

Water Bath Test

Procedure Observations Conclusions
Large Scale Water Bath Test Procedure Good: Reduced heating time from 1 minute to 30 seconds

Bad: Water managed to splash on the cheesecakes. Pans need to be dried because a lot of water drips off the pans. Water would leak on to the floor posing a safety concern for workers

Indifferent: Depanning time did not decrease. No ergonomic improvements

The overall opinion of factory depanners was not strong enough to warrant the implementation of a large scale water bath. Operators said there was no noticeable change in the level of ease it took to depan the cheesecakes. It is not worth the overall safety hazard of employees slipping on water.
Water Trough

Water Trough

Drain/Water Level Control

Drain/Water Level Control

Aluminum Insert Test

Procedure Observations Conclusions
Large Scale Aluminum Insert Test Procedure Aluminum Inserts created using RIT machine shop

Inserts meshed well with cheesecake crumb and spinner head

Grease formed under insert instead of laying on top

No noticeable difference in depanning time

Inserts did not destroy crust during depanning process

Aluminum was a better metal than the previous stainless steel

There was not a large ergonomic improvement, however the aluminum inserts were negligible weight added to the cheesecakes

Further Courses of Action

ROI on Disposable Tin System

If Wegmans wanted to make the switch to the recyclable tins, there is a number of criteria that would need to be met. Because of preexisting equipment, the new tin would need to be very similar to the pans already used by Wegmans. If Wegmans decided to pursue the recyclable they would require a 2-year payback period. Based on estimates and other calculations, this is not feasible. The shortest payback period the team calculated in the return on investment analysis is 7 years.

Current Key Lime Pie Tin

Current Key Lime Pie Tin

What is Necessary in New Tins
2 sizes (small and large)
Straight sides (no angles)
Smooth Wall (not ridged)
Full curl rim
3in height
Diameter of approximately 5" for small cheesecakes
Diameter of approximately 8" for large cheesecakes
Weight of Small Product = 20 oz.
Weight of Large Product = 50 oz.

Meeting Notes

MSDII Week 12 Review: Presented to our faculty guide, John Kaemmerlen and other members of the Wegmans cheesecake team at the Wegmans bakery facility.

MSDII Sensitivity Analysis: Presented to our faculty guide, John Kaemmerlen and other members of the Wegmans cheesecake team at the Wegmans bakery facility.

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