P15711: Cheesecake Depanning Improvement

Systems Design

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Functional Decomposition

Pictured below is our functional decomposition. It was designed as a basic overview of our project. On the top, you see that our end goal is to depan the cheesecake. If you watch the video here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=a0NnX3C_IcUWe you will be able to see the difficulty that employees have when trying to remove the cheesecake from the pan. Based on our observations, we believe that the root cause for the difficulty is that there is some "adhesion force" keeping the cheesecake crust in place on the bottom of the pan. In the functional decomposition, we broke down our potential solution selection into three categories. We can either overcome that adhesion force, we can attempt to minimize it or, ideally, completely circumvent it. Just below these three concepts are the areas that would give us potential to work, as shown.
*Adhesion Force applies to the crust sticking to the bottom of the cheesecake pan

*Adhesion Force applies to the crust sticking to the bottom of the cheesecake pan

Concept Development

Concept Generation:

This Morphological Chart is a further breakdown of the functional decomposition. We further look into the areas where we can test possible solutions along the entire cheesecake manufacturing line based on the initial three categories. For example, to minimize the adhesion force, we can look at different lubricants which are added to the process at the very beginning of the line. Or, we can analyze the freezing cycle which takes place after the cheesecakes have finished baking. This chart gives us a better idea of all the avenues we have and different areas where we can test.

Morphological Chart

Morphological Chart

Concept Evaluation:

This Pugh Evaluation Chart was based on a single datum, that datum being the current process Wegmans already has in place. This process can be seen by copy and pasting the link found in the functional decomposition, above.

Pugh Evaluation

Pugh Evaluation

Concept Selection:

Based on the results of the above Pugh Chart, these are the top 5 concepts that have been selected for heavier consideration. Due to the nature of this project, we will be attempting to test most, if not all, of the concepts from the Pugh Chart.

Top 5 Concepts

Top 5 Concepts

Systems Architecture

Cheesecake Depanning
Manpower Method Material Environment
Shaking Pan Use of Gravity Alternate Recipe Temperature Changes
Drop Pan Instead of Slam Depan at Different Points in Process Springform Pans / Collapsible Sides Freezing Process Times
Use of Tools (spatula, knife...) Steaming instead of Reheating More/Different Grease Types Reheating Process Times


Pan Positioning

Pan Positioning

-- Is a springform pan or collapsible pan possible with a wet bake?

Will the clasp on the side of a springform pan allow the front end of the baking line to remain unchanged?

-- Is our solution going to be accepted by the operators that are actually doing the work?

-- Will a pan insert affect the heat transfer that currently takes place in the tunnel oven?

Heat is only coming from the bottom of the tunnel oven and traveling upward.

Would the insert decrease the rate of heat transfer and thus improperly bake the cheeesecake.

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes from 23 Sep

Systems Design Review

Week 6 Systems Design Review Presentation: Presented to our project champion, Jose Guzman and our faculty guide, John Kaemmerlen at the Wegmans bakery facility.

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