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MSD II Initial Project Planning, Status and Scope

Project Plan Powerpoint for MSD II
This is the updated powerpoint presented to the customer laying out our objectives and expectations for the next 15 weeks of work.

The next project review will be a gemba walk with the customer to show our progress to date and our plans for the next cells we will be working on.

The week 8 review was spent in cells 922A, 922E, 925B, and recently transformed cell.

Photos of the progress of all of the cells can be seen in the Cell Progression Photos node.

This is the presentation the team, customer, and guide discussed during the week 12 update. Included is a "systems thinking" slide that lays out characteristics of cells where rules apply versus exceptions, 925B current state observations, and concept generation for 925B storage rules.
Week 12 Update

Test Plans & Test Results

Given that a process improvement project is slightly different than a product development project, the MSD Team is going to test its process by ensuring that clear instructions are documented throughout the process and that the person the project will be handed off to fully understands the written instructions. The test subject may be quizzed on knowledge obtained from the instructions and asked if any vital information is missing.


The team is in the middle of their first 5S event. Instructions are being documented with great detail and time estimates are being developed. A detailed log is being maintained to ensure smooth transitions between visits. Team members are currently visiting Qualitrol twice a week in pairs.
The team may need to develop leader standard work during this semester in order to ensure a successful project hand off.

Current Documented High - Level Process:
1. Take Before pictures
2. Audit cell with Material Presentation rules
3. Obtain E&O Report from Materials Personnel
4. Locate obsolete parts from cell
5. Connect with Materials personnel on proper removal of obsoleted parts
6. Overstock Area:

a. Get parts list with Kanban Qtys
b. Allocate space at end of cell for overstock rack
c. Determine number of bins needed using parts list

7. Order appropriate rack(s) and standard yellow bins through buyer (if needed)
8. Assemble rack upon receipt
9. For Each Part:

a. Separate Kanban qtys, leaving kanban qty or less at POU
b. Label front of yellow overstock bin and POU bin with part number
c. Label insdie back of POU bin with appropriate information (ie. VMI, check overstock, other cell owner)
d. Put overstock bin with either a kanban card or purple card at appropriate location on overstock rack
10. Organize overstock rack alphaneumerically from left to right, and top to bottom


The team is working on assessing cell 925B, addressing problems that need solutions, and brainstorming potential solutions with concept proof to present to the customer.

925B presents a unique set of challenges due to the nature of the primary material it uses: wire. Stored in spools, wire is stored non-discretely and the exact quantity remaining can be difficult to assess. This makes strict adherence to Kanban principals difficult at times. Currently the Kanban process is followed loosely at best and in practice the Cell Associates often plan their ordering based on known or anticipated orders and assessments of stock on hand. This is an error prone and time intensive process.

Within the scope of the group's prior work, approximately half of 925B's materials can have the existing materials presentation rules applied without variation. The spool area, however, requires special care and consideration. Space limitations also make developing a satisfactory solution challenging.


The team is working on justifying concepts and how to present feasibility of each using actual usage data. The customer will ultimately choose what solution idea is best for Qualitrol.

Project Plan Updates

It is important to note that a lot time is spent on conversations - with operators, the customer, and other personnel at Qualitrol. A part of this project is "teaching" best practices and hoping to have a mutual understanding between the MSD team and the people at the customer site.

922A is complete and received approval from the customer.
922E, a cell similar to 922A (similar materials, assemblies, number of associates...), is almost complete. This acts as "proof" that our rules and process can be applied to similar cells.
The current state of 925B is being observed and understood. The team should have design plans for wires/spools/visual controls/space for this cell at the end of the semester. The end deliverable will be somewhat of a hand-off plan for a kaizen team to implement after the students are done.
The MSD team is still fairly on track with the initial timeline presented at the beginning of MSD II.

922A - complete
922E - 100% complete
925B - understanding current state and issues, working on design solutions and how to present to customer.

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment for MSD II

This is the revised risk assessment for MSD II including potential roadblocks and how they are addressed.

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