P15712: Qualitrol Component Inventory Management

Problem Definition

Table of Contents

Project Summary

Qualitrol has a material presentation system in place for components, however it does not account properly for overflow parts or allow for visual management. The desired state at Qualitrol after project implementation is to have optimal component levels, clear presentation of components, and a mitigation of inventory errors. Determining optimal space requirements, improving material flow, and implementing visual cues to aid in management are the goals of this project. Process documentation, a plan for every part (PFEP), a component management plan that is repeatable cell to cell, and before and after diagrams of the cell layouts are to be delivered to the customer upon completion of the project. The key constraints are the amount of space available inside cells for dedicated inventory.

Problem Statement

Project Goals and Key Deliverables

• "What Good Looks Like"

• Material Presentation Rules

• Plan for Every Part (PFEP)

• Improve Inventory Accuracy

Customer Requirements (Needs)

• Create a process for component inventory that can be applied plant-wide. This should account for all possible permutations of part sizes and consumption rates.

• Incorporate the use of a water spider into the inventory process.

• Reduce inventory errors.

• Reduce frequency of expedited parts due to inventory inaccuracy.

• Reduce frequency and severity of inventory count errors on production and delivery.

Customer Requirements

Use Scenario

Engineering Requirements (Metrics & Specifications)

• Process should mitigate the frequency of inventory adjustment reporting errors by 20%.

• Reduce inventory error-related part expedition by 50%.

• Reduce work stops related to inventory errors by 50%.

Engineering Requirements


• Must work within space limitations already existing within cell.

• Must comply with Danaher Business Solutions (DBS) practices.

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