P15741: Air Table Mover

Budget Proposal

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  1. Review Purpose of Budget Proposal
  2. Review Team Project Summary
  3. Review Bill of Materials, Cost Projections, and CAD Models
  4. Questions


The purpose of this budgetary meeting is to review our project design and bill of materials and seek approval for our new budgetary developments. Over the course of MSD I and phase I of MSD II, we have refined our design as seen in our revision history. With these revision changes, we have also greatly reduced our projected cost of materials and potential construction time. However, with all of these changes, there are certain components that are absolutely essential to the safety and operation of the device that we cannot ignore. With this being said, we have developed a small proposal to ask for additional funding from the RIT Mechanical Engineering Department in the sum of $1,000.

Updated Project Summary

public/Budget Files/summary 1.JPG

public/Budget Files/summary 2.JPG

Summary Document

Bill of Materials

BOM File

CAD Representation

public/Budget Files/U.JPG

public/Budget Files/V.JPG

public/Budget Files/W.JPG

public/Budget Files/X.JPG

public/Budget Files/Y.JPG

public/Budget Files/Z.JPG

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Budget Proposal