P15741: Air Table Mover

Detailed Design

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Phase Planning

Phase Goals and Technical Questions

Our vision for this phase is to address critical design concerns in high technical risk design areas. This will be accomplished by generating worst case use scenarios which show worst loading scenarios. Free body diagrams and analysis will begin to allow us to size individual components and determine when we have met engineering requirements with the design. These analyses will allow us to begin to generate CAD documents with finalized design dimensions for manufacturing. All designed components must be reviewed as either a purchased or manufactured part. Manufactured parts must be reviewed for ease of fabrication and assembly. As components are identified, a BOM will be created and updated which will allow us to track manufacture times and purchase lead times for components as well as generate accurate cost estimates. A draft user manual will also start to be generated. By the end of week fifteen all engineering documents and designs will be finalized based on technical analysis. A finalized BOM with full cost determinations will exist, along with a draft user manual. All components will undergo a fatigue analysis for lifetime determinations. The industrial engineering segment of the group will have mapped all analysis and functionality to engineering requirements and customer requirements. A detailed plan for MSD II will be generated including timing for manufacturing and assembly of different components. We will generate a testing plan to ensure component quality and safety in the final assembly.

Key Subsystems and Technical Questions Associated with Systems

1. Jaw/Table Gripping System

2. Rotational System

3. Vertical Support Columns/Lifting Mechanism

4. Base of lifting system

5. Braking

6. System as a Whole

Task Chart

At the beginning of week 9, we evaluated our progress and developed a plan in order to complete our final deliverables and prepare for the second phase of the design project. Each physical component of the device has been assigned to a teammate as well as what outcomes are expected from their progress. These outcomes should represent our shared vision in determining what tasks are prioritized for completion. Our team will use this to provide updates amongst members, guides, and our customers as needed.

public/Detailed Design Documents/Industrial Engineering Stuff/Tasks List Part 1 - 042315.JPG

public/Detailed Design Documents/Industrial Engineering Stuff/Tasks List Part 2 - 042315.JPG

public/Detailed Design Documents/Industrial Engineering Stuff/Tasks List Part 3 - 042315.JPG

Task Chart File

Percentage Completion Chart

This chart is to be used alongside the task chart above in order to determine our progress goals each week. The associated tasks represent a percentage of the progress required for our team to confirm that an engineering component has been finalized. We also wish to provide justifications for why prioritize certain tasks over others and their associated percentages.

public/Detailed Design Documents/Industrial Engineering Stuff/Percentage Chart - 042315.JPG

Prototyping, Engineering Analysis, Simulation

Engineering Analysis

The Engineering Analysis page shows the current state of analysis and component selection for various subsystems in the Isolation Table Mover. All documentation contained is under constant review.

Engineering Drawings, Drafting, & Operation Manual Construction

Engineering Drawings and CAD Files This link will lead to our associated CAD files, engineering drawings/schematics, and any information pertaining to the operational manual.

Bill of Material (BOM)

BOM This section will provide our tentative bill of materials with information pertaining to manufacturers, price quotes, delivery schedules, and other associated financial information.

Test Plans

Test Plans This section has not yet been finalized due the nature of our design process and schedule. This will be updated at the next review. We will have discussed our plans moving forward.

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment This link will provide our updated Risk Assessment as well documentation related to our engineering and customer requirements.

Design Reviews

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Problem Definition

Systems Design

Subsystems Design

Detailed Design

Week 15 Review

Week 3 Review

Week 5 Subsystem Review

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Week 11 Review

Phase 5 Review

Budget Proposal