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Vibration Isolation Tables are useful when mounting equipment that are sensitive to local vibrations created by the environment, but they are often bulky and difficult to move. The RIT Mechanical Engineering machine shop has been responsible for relocating these isolation tables when necessary. In doing so, the staff has involved methods that incur several risks. These include but are not limited to: injury to the movers/users, damage to the equipment, and damage to the facilities due to lack of appropriate equipment. An improved system is desired in order to move these isolation tables in a faster, safer, and more efficient manner. The end solution will result in a tool and training method that allows two people to effectively move the tables from one place to another without damaging the tables or facilities. The table movement solution will also provide a safe environment during transport. The device(s) needs to easily be stored within a specified footprint area in the machine shop in order to avoid interfering with normal operations when not in use.

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Project Name
Vibration Isolation Table Mover
Project Number
Start Term
Spring 2014 - 2145
End Term
Fall 2015 - 2151
Faculty Guide
Edward Hanzlik - echeee@rit.edu
Primary Customers
Rob Kraynik - rakeme@rit.edu
Jan Maneti - jameme@rit.edu
Sponsors (financial support)
MSD Program
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RIT Alumni Association Logo

Team Members

Team From Left to Right:Nicholas LeBerth, Curtis Stanard, Daniel Miller, Cameron Young

Team From Left to Right:Nicholas LeBerth, Curtis Stanard, Daniel Miller, Cameron Young

Member Role Contact
Nicholas LeBerth Mechanical Engineer nal8943@rit.edu
Curtis Stanard Industrial Engineer cds9598@rit.edu
Daniel Miller Mechanical Engineer dbm1015@rit.edu
Cameron Young Mechanical Engineer cmy5758@rit.edu


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