P15741: Air Table Mover

Test Plans

Table of Contents

Load Testing

Risk Assesment All test plans are directly involved with our risk assessment plan. All tests will be performed in a controlled environment

Basic user safety guidelines will be followed at all times in the machine shop, including: safety goggles at all times, closed toed shoes, and no loose clothing/jewelry. These safety guidelines, along with the knowledge of common sense, will provide a safe working environment for not just our group, but for the entire machine shop. These guidelines will also be provided in the User Manual document (separate from the spreadsheet) to illustrate proper handling and safety protocol.

Variable Loading

Our initial tests will include static loading conditions with our force-lock brakes being utilized. We will first reproduce a surface that will be in similar size as one of the tables in length and width. We will then evenly distribute a series of loads onto the surface until we reach the same weight as the ten foot table. If our analyses our correct, our device will remain structurally sound with no risk of buckling, and deflections within thousand of an inch at most in the very worst case.

Unit Symmetry

In this method of testing we will use a load similar in size to that of the table such as the plywood sheet from the variable loading test. We will attempt to create limiting conditions to determine how much coordination is required so that both devices can function asymmetrically.

Single Unit Testing

For this method of testing we plan use a single device and pair it with a surface of a similar height such as a workbench. Then we will attempt to use a similar loading test to our variable loading section.

Gripping and Interface

Rotational Stability

Using a larger mass from our variable loading test, will attempt to stress test the locking mechanisms located in the rotation wheels of our device. This will ensure that the locks are function with large loads as well as testing whether our tipping analyses were correct.