P15741: Air Table Mover

Week 15 Review

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Phase Planning

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Phase Goals

For this review team 15741 has fallen slightly short of their task planning predictions. Certain tasks required more time than we initially predicted which led to overall inefficiency. With this being said, our team is still capable of meeting our overall completion goals by the end of the term. With this in mind, we have still provided our promised end state deliverables in their most advanced forms possible, if not already completed. It is our guarantee that the customer will be receiving updates after this final review in order to ensure that we continue to follow our plan.

Our largest priority concerns involve collecting more data to fill out the bill of materials, and selecting the proper bearings to interface our rotational components. All other deliverables are in the projected state as promised at the previous review.

In preparation for phase II, we have produced a schedule as well as a preliminary testing plan and user manual. We have also made plans to invite other departments of the RIT campus to join us for a future review in phase II as per suggestion of our customers.

Technical Questions Answered From Previous Review

Key Subsystems and Technical Questions Associated with Systems

1. Jaw/Table Gripping System

We have determined that we can use the bolting interface and a minimal amount of clamp force that is equal to the amount of loading the table can support normally under warranty. We have updated our gripping system in the revision history for added support in rotation.

A structural analysis has been completed. We have made modifications such as the reduction of trusses and improved slotted bolt designs. See the revision history below.

Bolt stress analysis has been completed. Between both methods of loading and worst-case scenarios, the maximum number of bolts needed is 24. The recommended amount can be found in the analysis.

2. Rotational System

We have developed a gear system to support an axle that creates rotational torque. This axle is connected to a plate will have welded jaws on them.

We will require additional customer feedback to select a proper system as they are considered the recommended subject experts.

3. Vertical Support Columns/Lifting Mechanism

See our FEA analysis for our criteria development.

See our FEW analysis for our criteria development.

We have developed slotted channels for lifting. See revision history for the locking system.

An analysis was performed for the Acme screw selection, however manufacturers can only provide a more conservative size. We have selected a root diameter of 0.75 inches and 5 feet in length. The interface blocks are currently under development.

4. Base of lifting system

We have determined that 3 inch casters with a large load rating will be suitable and fulfill the customer's desire.

Vertical Columns have received FEA analysis. The interface has been determined but will be improved upon in phase II based on cost.

5. Braking

We have chosen force locks (foot pedal stops) which will sit underneath the center of the frame and will not require the immediate coordination with the opposite unit.

6. System as a Whole

The largest amount of human error will be attributed to the coordination of both users lifting the table evenly. To compensate for this, we have allowed for slight movement within the slotted channels to prevent seizing. Furthermore, we have determined that the screws will not create large amounts of lift/turn.

We are selecting parts from an initial company and then comparing these with competitors. Through iteration, we have significantly reduced costs along with minimizing the size of certain components. Larger expenses will be justified to the department with the reasoning that we must make safety considerations over cost considerations for specific components.

We have provided a majority of the components and the overall design with priced materials that have had quotes returned. For any components/deliverables that are not delivered by the end of the academic term, they have been considered in our phase II plan. Our customers will also be receiving updates between our last phase I review and the next one with our progress.

Prototyping, Engineering Analysis, Simulation

Week 15 Engineering Analysis

The Engineering Analysis page shows the current state of analysis and component selection for various subsystems in the Isolation Table Mover. All documentation contained is under constant review.

Engineering Drawings, Drafting, & Operation Manual Construction

Engineering Drawings and CAD Files This link will lead to our associated CAD files, engineering drawings/schematics, and any information pertaining to the operational manual.

Bill of Materials (BOM)

BOM This section will provide our tentative bill of materials with information pertaining to manufacturers, price quotes, delivery schedules, and other associated financial information.

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment This link will provide our updated Risk Assessment as well documentation related to our engineering and customer requirements.

MSD II Phase Planning

Test Plans

Test Plans This link currently contains our developing testing plans for phase II.


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MSD II Schedule File

Action Items

1. Complete detailed BOM (Bill of Materials)

2. Update Risk Analysis

3. Revise gear box assembly to reduce risk of twisting

4. Revise MSD II Plan

Action items File

MSDII Shared Vision

Shared Vision

Self Critique

Self Critique

Team Improvement Plan

Problem Tracking Sheet

Problem Tracking

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