P15741: Air Table Mover

Week 3 Review

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MSD I Postmortem and Problem Tracking


public/MSD II PHASE 1/postmortem.JPG

Postmortem File

Problem Tracking

Problems have been will continue to arise throughout the life of the project. This tracking sheet aims to document each issue and categorize them based on the severity of the problem. The problems that have yet to be solved and followed through will be missing some info. Problems that have been solved entirely will have each column filled. Solved problems will remain in the document.

public/MSD II PHASE 1/Problem Tracking - Capture.JPG

Problem Tracking File

Shared Vision

Shared Vision Document

public/MSD II PHASE 1/shared vision.JPG

For information on shared visions for each MSD II Phase, please refer to the word document.

Individual Three week Plans

Three Week Plan Doc

Schedule & Purchase Plan for Phase II

Phase II Schedule

Provided is a link to our current 15 week plan for phase II of project. We are well aware that this schedule is subject to change as is the nature of this design project. Certain finished sections have been anticipated to be completed in a larger range to accommodate potential incidents. The device will be constructed in sections that will be individually tested around three week increments of our reviews.

Schedule File

public/MSD II PHASE 1/MSD II Schedule - Capture.JPG

Individual Team Member Tasks For Phase II

Updated Bill of Materials

It has been determined that we require a larger budget than the initial $500 dollars provided by the MSD program, and we are looking into requisitioning funds from the Mechanical Engineering Department of RIT. Our current anticipated costs are relatively higher than we would like to propose, and will be altered based on the cost reductions RIT will provide based on their relationship with various material distributors.

public/Final Documents/BOM Picture - 090215.JPG

BOM File

Testing Plan & Development

Our initial testing plans have been developed and will be altered pending the completion of it's relative device components. The team has identified all key components that need to observed, and will record appropriate data in the given testing plan.

Test Plan File

Development of Testing

Risk Assesment All test plans are directly involved with our risk assessment plan. All tests will be performed in a controlled environment

Basic user safety guidelines will be followed at all times in the machine shop, including: safety goggles at all times, closed toed shoes, and no loose clothing/jewelry. These safety guidelines, along with the knowledge of common sense, will provide a safe working environment for not just our group, but for the entire machine shop. These guidelines will also be provided in the User Manual document (separate from the spreadsheet) to illustrate proper handling and safety protocol.

Each of our tests will be registered and recorded to this working document along with all relevant data.

Final Design Alterations

Listed below are the alterations to the final design from phase I in order to better fulfill the requirements of our customers.

As seen in the CAD model and phase II revision history, some major edits were made such as the removal of the gear system and the specific choice of bearing selection

Bearings were selected using analysis of the shaft as a trod in bending. The analysis shows that we can use a 1" diameter shaft with a factor of safety of 2 using one unit. The bearing selected was a 1" ID tapered roller bearing identified with part number from the mcmaster carr catalogue.

Shown below are various calculations our group used to verify and justify some of the decisions made in the CAD revisions.

public/MSD II PHASE 1/bearing size 1.JPG

public/MSD II PHASE 1/bearing size 2.JPG

public/MSD II PHASE 1/bearing size 3.JPG

Caster Wheel Bench Marking

We conducted research on various forms of caster wheels. Citations for swivel lock casters and locking units are as follows.

Locking Pins which attach to casters



Swivel Lock Plate


4 Inch Rubber Caster


Full System




Pooley Caster Catalogue


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