P15741: Air Table Mover

Week 5 Subsystem Review

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Overview of Work Completed in Phase II

  1. Budget was approved per updated design specifications.
  2. Casters and some steel components were acquired and construction has begun on systems components.
  3. Testing of Casters For Traversal over Terrain has begun.
  4. Build has not progressed as far as originally intended. Frame is not welded together yet.
  5. Multiple other component order forms are ready to be sent in. We are still waiting on Klein Steel for quotes for the remainder of the steel we have to order.

BOM, Build Progress, and Current Test Results

Test Plan Document

For testing we first attached the wheels to a small wooden frame. This test was done to see how easy or difficult it is to move the test rig over bumps of various heights. Bumps up to 3/4 inch can be traversed over with the 270 lb weight we had available. The one inch vertical bump outside of the machine shop could not be traversed. In addition we learned that slowing down before hitting a bump or slope significantly increases the difficulty of pushing the test rig.


public/MSD II Phase II/Wheel Test Rig.jpg public/MSD II Phase II/Frame Metal Cuts.jpg

Bumps Rig Succesfully Passed Over

public/MSD II Phase II/Threshold.jpg public/MSD II Phase II/Cut Bump.jpg public/MSD II Phase II/1-2 Inch Double Bump.jpg public/MSD II Phase II/4 Deg Slope.jpg

Bumps That Could Not Be Traversed

public/MSD II Phase II/1 In Bump.jpg

Budget Sheet

Updated Bill of Materials

public/MSD II Phase II/Budget Sheet Phase II Update.JPG

Updated Shared Vision, Overall Team Plan, and Team Member Three Week Plans

Shared Vision

New additions to shared vision will be highlighted as images following the file link. Refer to Updated Shared Vision for full shared vision.

public/MSD II Phase II/shared vision update 1.JPG

public/MSD II Phase II/shared vision update 2.JPG

Project Schedule

Updated Schedule File

public/MSD II Phase II/MPP PII.JPG

Individual Plans

Individual Plans Phase III

public/MSD II Phase II/team individual plans phase 3.JPG

Problem Tracking

Updated Problem Tracking

public/MSD II Phase II/P15741 Problem Tracking Sheet Phase II Update.JPG

Risk Management

Updated Risk Analysis

public/MSD II Phase II/Risk Analysis Phase II Update.JPG

Table of Contents


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Problem Definition

Systems Design

Subsystems Design

Detailed Design

Week 15 Review

Week 3 Review

Week 5 Subsystem Review

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Week 11 Review

Phase 5 Review

Budget Proposal