P15741: Air Table Mover

Week 8 Review

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Week 8 Shared Vision Update

public/Week 8 Files/color cocded week 8 stuff.JPG

Completed Build Sections and Test Results

Located below are images of our build progress up to October 14, 2015. As briefly described above, all components have been ordered and accounted for. All components have been machined and are prepared for immediate assembly with the exception of non-critical support pieces. These pieces are currently waiting in the process queue of the automated water jet which provide machining solutions that are not feasible manually. These images should provide a relative scale to the final build.

Completed assemblies proposed in the week 5 review were not fully completed due to scheduling conflicts with our experts. In order to ensure that our device rivals a commercial grade product, the team will be waiting until the following week when proper supervision can be provided for the assembly.

public/Week 8 Files/Brakes.jpg

public/Week 8 Files/Cut_Steel.jpg

public/Week 8 Files/Jaw_Steel.jpg

public/Week 8 Files/Prep_Frame.jpg

public/Week 8 Files/Prep_Steel.jpg

Testing Device

The image below depicts the test rig used to perform the second phase of our caster mobility tests. Both sets of casters were mounted to boards and then clamped to a wooden board to simulate both units in motion with the table. The wooden structure itself has the exact dimensions of a sample eight foot long table that would be commonly found on campus.

public/Week 8 Files/Rig_Upright.jpg

Test Data

As the data will show, the second phase testing rig was successful in overcoming all obstacles that the single unit had traversed with exception of the ninety degree incline. Both sets of test results are shown. In moving both units with the actual table in a vertical orientation, we found that high wind speeds could pose a potential risk to user control. Proper Calculations will be performed in this phase in order to ensure that the potential risk is low.

public/Week 8 Files/new test data.JPG

Test Plan File

Essay Progress

The outline for the essay has been completed. It describes the sections of the essay which will be written and provides a guideline for essay writing.

Outline File

public/Week 8 Files/Outline.JPG

Bill of Materials

public/Week 8 Files/BOM Capture.JPG

Bill of Materials Spreadsheet

User Manual

The user manual spreadsheet uses inputs from the user about the object they wish to move and outputs step by step instructions for them to follow. This sheet will continue to be updated as the system is built.

public/Week 8 Files/User Manual Capture.JPG

User Manual Spreadsheet

Updated Project Shared Vision and Week 11 Individual Plans

public/Week 8 Files/shared vision phase 4.JPG

Shared Vision File

public/Week 8 Files/three week plans.JPG

Three Week Plans

Risk Management and Problem Tracking

public/Week 8 Files/Risk Analysis Capture.JPG

Risk Analysis Spreadsheet

public/Week 8 Files/Problem Tracking Capture.JPG

Problem Tracking Spreadsheet

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